More foals on the way!

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New foals bring new hope

But weather makes it a tricky breeding season

This week promises to be another hectic one at St Fort, with at least another eight broodmares expected to foal.

“While we have cut back this season in numbers, there is still plenty to do,” Tony said.

“And probably even moreso with the drought conditions.

“The price of feed is increasing and there is the ongoing problem of sourcing good-quality bales - but we all in the same boat at the moment.”

Tony estimates he is spending $2000 a week on feed for the mares, foals and racehorses on the property.

Broodmares are on barley, maize, coprice and other nutritional supplements as well as lucerne hay.

“There are no shortcuts in this caper - it’s vital the mares get the very best,” he said.

“In regard to rainfall, we have had only half our yearly average, with 200 mills. Our wettest months were January and last month with about 30 mills apiece — other than that the monthly rainfall’s been peaking at less than 10 most months.

“I’ve been told that back in November of 2009 over 150 mills fell for the month - wouldn’t that be brilliant?!”

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