Busy breeding season at St Fort

The breeding season is hitting top gear and the staff at St Fort make every effort to ensure the best results for every breeder.

All in a day's work...vet Vanessa Slack-Smith with one of the 15 mares she scanned at St Fort yesterday

Mares at St Fort are served by Artificial Insemination, meaning owners can book services to any of the major sires standing in Australia, and all the logistics and work are taken care of by  our staff.

Leading equine vet Vanessa Slack-Smith oversees the breeding operations, and was yesterday scanning and pregnancy testing mares ready for breeding.  And 15 mares is a solid day's work!  Thanks Vanessa!

Our new facilities for broodmares and foals at St Fort are state-of-the-art and purpose-built with the safety of mares, foals and handlers the top priority. 

If you would like to let us take care of your mare's breeding and/or foaling season, get in touch with Tony.